Can you Guess how Much I Saved....?

I am so excited I had to share. I went to Vons armed with my grocery list from the Grocery Game and coupons. Guess how much I saved? I saved so much that when I got to the parking lot I called my husband and had him guess. The cost of the groceries was $345.66. Guess how much I got them all for? $177.62. I saved 49% Wow. I am really happy about that. Give the Grocery Game a try and see for yourself how to buy groceries at ROCK BOTTOM prices. I often buy things for free or almost free and donate them to the church food pantry because of my coupon system. If you sign up make sure to say I referred you (familymeals@mac.com) and email me so I can share my easy to use coupon system with you using the grocery game list.


  1. I tried Grocery Game.......and if they ever add the Wal-Mart near me I'll join again. But it's great if it has the stores where you do your shopping.......my friend saves a ton using it!!

  2. I agree it's great if the stores where you shop are on their lists.....my Wal-Mart isn't, but if it ever is then I'll join again!


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