Guess what I got to see today?

Guess what I got my hands on? I got to sit and look at the new Stampin Up catalog from cover to cover. Since I am not a demonstrator I don't get the perk of getting the catalog early. Thanks goes out to my most wonderful SU demo for the catalog! I saw the box on her door step and said, "umm is that what I think it is?" She pointed out the chunks of baby vomit on the box (never easy when the little ones are sick) and that still did not stop my catalog lust. It totally made my day to go home with the catalog in my hands. Yeah! I forced myself to get the dishes done, kids in bed (thank you Tim!), and Christmas projects done for tomorrow before I sat myself down and ooohed and awwwed.


  1. Ohhhh.......I can't wait!!! I also am not a demo.....but my df who is said to come on over tomorrow and look at hers!!! I can't wait!!

  2. some random guy12/20/2007

    yeah and I got to play video games cause Gina was entertained :)

  3. Yes the good old baby vomit!! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it!! I LOVE IT SOOO MUCH!! The best to date I think!! Anyway, we are going to go to the crop again on Jan 11th if ya wanna go again!! LOVE YOU and thanks again for holding my sick baby for me!! It turns out that his antibiotics haven't been working so we are starting him on new ones. Ahhh

  4. You VERY LUCKY DUCK, you! I won't see my demolina's stash until Jan. 6 when I'm going to a PAR-TAY!!!! I've been hearing very, very good things!

    ooooh...you too, Lee. You guys!!! I'm so drooling!!


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