Making Memories Monday

This weekend I went to a birthday crop and had so much fun. I put together several pages in my new Holiday Milestones PicFolio Album from Creative Memories. All I had to do was slide in the pictures and Christmas themed (pre-cut) mats. What's fun is that each pre-cut photo mat and journaling box is double sided with a different color scheme on each side. So on the left you can see I used the "Candy Cane" theme and on the right I used the Starry Night themed paper (it matched the curtains behind my MIL). My goal is to have a nice Christmas themed album of pictures from the previous years and still have room for the next few years as well. All you need to put this album together is a Milestones PicFolio Album, the Christmas themed photo mats/journaling boxes, a stack of photos, and some adhesive. It really is super easy and fun to do! I've seen this kind of album used for a nice recipe book (for a new bride or family keepsake) too.


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