Stock Your Freezer Sundays

Today is a busy one....Christmas Caroling and then the youth group Christmas party. So I am squeezing in a little blog time. Here is my "Stock Your Freezer Yourself" tip for the day:

That's it. Yup. You already have out the milk and butter. You already dirtied a bowl and spoon. The oven is still hot and ready for more. So why not double up? You probably know that already, but it never hurts to get a gentle reminder. My son has been begging me to make Homemade Gourmet tomato basil bread. It's already a super easy to make bread (just add milk and melted butter) and bake. For me to bake at all, I need something easy. No hauling out the step stool to find the flour and no more than 1 measuring cup. When I bake, I always try to make a double batch (two mixes worth). I made one batch of Tomato Basil muffins and one loaf of Tomato basil bread. My family loves to toast this bread under the broiler for just a few minutes and the texture and taste of this toasty bread is amazing. Really. Now I have extra muffins in the freezer (we never eat an entire batch) and an extra loaf to freeze or give away as a gift. Yummy. Great with soup.


  1. Oh yum!! Love tomato/basil bread!! I also try to make a double batch.....it's great to have more food for the same amount of work!!!


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