What day is it?

I posted this from the road...but it didn't all come through. This is a picture of another altered journal I made. I used a Simply Scrappin Kit from SU. I made it for Kristen, one of our babysitters from our youth group at church.

We've been away visiting my husband's family for Christmas and I completely lost track of time. It was sure nice! So is it really Friday? My dear MIL (mother in law) would get up early with the kiddos and play with them while my hubby and I got to sleep in (thanks mom!). The kids had a blast. We just got back from our 7 hour car ride home. My poor little 2 year old DD (dear daughter) was REALLY tired of the car and begging for "home" mommy, please "home." We are finally back at home and sitting down to watch a movie and enjoy some hot chocolate. The kiddos are in bed asleep. I should be working on my sermon for Sunday but I am too tired to think (I am the guest preacher at church this Sunday....fun but makes for a lot of extra work!).


  1. At this point I don't have a clue! I mean to what day it is....

  2. Welcome Home!!! Glad you had a wonderful trip! And very cute altered journal!

  3. Happy New Year!! And you can start it off with a TAG!!! I hope you have fun with it!! You never know just what fun stuff you can learn about your friends!! LOL

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