Here is my week at a glance (the fun stuff anyways)

Weigh in Wednesdays:
Went to Weight Watchers this morning (yes it's Thursday...) I didn't lose anything but I did work out at the gym a bunch (ok only 3 times...but that was more than I have done in the last 4 months). My goal is to WRITE everything down that I eat this week.
It can be done!

Milestone: My daughter peed for the first time in the potty yesterday! Whooo hoo. We do the potty dance (a wonderful celebration) and she gets candy for success. I have an adorable picture of her on the potty...but decided I probably shouldn't post a naked picture of my almost 3 year old on the internet for the world to see...it is super cute though!

Taco Soup Tuesday... I am behind on posting recipes but we did enjoy Taco Soup this week! Here is how I C.O.S.T. cooked with it: (cook once serve twice)

Step #1 - I used my slow cooker and cooked 7 chicken breast on Monday with taco soup seasoning from Homemade Gourmet and diced tomatoes.

Step #2- After chicken was cooked I shredded half of it and made the Taco Soup and we had that for dinner (yum my FAVORITE) with Texas cornbread.

Step #3- I put the leftover chicken breast in the fridge and made Chicken Quesadillas on Tuesday (my family LOVES this).

We enjoyed leftovers for lunches during the week.

Digital Scrapbooking: I have been playing around with Storybook Creator Plus from Creative Memories and been making some pages. That has been fun! It is much easier to use than photoshop and I can still use all the fun "digi scrappin" things I have on my computer as well as digital kits from Creative Memories. I will post a picture of my layout for you to see.

That's my week....at least the fun stuff anyways!


  1. Awww.......what a cute celebration! But I totally agree...better keep those memories protected! And congratulations!!


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