Hospital happenings

Thursday highlights:
1)Getting cool red flowers from the 6th graders at Santa fe Christian
(came with a sweet looking red dragon too). Tim was so touched he got
all teary eyed.

2)Tim's brother came down from the los angeles area and sat with tim
awhile to help lift his spirit and give me some time to get a few
things done.

3)Having people stop by (even just for 5 minutes) has been a nice
distraction and makes the day go a bit faster.

4) Seeing both my kids today.

1)Still here and Tim had a tough day.
2) losing my voice. Tim likes the room cold and I am under the vent
most of the time . Brrrrrr.

I sure will appreciate having all my family home and healthy! Simple
things like being around the table with a home cooked meal and seeing
my husband actually able to eat will be appreciated like never before!


  1. What an amazing thing to do to keep posting the positives!!!


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