Hospital happenings

I guess weigh in Wednesdays will make a reappearance after the
craziness of this week (so yes the holidays proved a challenge with
yummy food around).

As for Tim:
Slowly getting better. The good news is that he can FINALLY have water
and clear fluids. He will probably go home on Saturday. The bad news
is that makes 7 days in the hospital with all our deductables needing
to be met for the new year. Yikes! And then a week at home on
antibiotics still.

We had a nice surprise of tim's parents coming to see him for a bit.
They drove all the way here from the Fresno area (Hanford) and drove
back up after a quick visit. Nothing like your mom around when you
don't feel good.

And we keep getting wonderful flowers like these from Santa Fe
Christian School and others. It is so much fun too see a hospital
volunteer walking down the hall with flowers and then discovering that
they are for you!

Joshua (my sweet 6 year old) came again for dinner and he makes the
whole floor happy. Everyone loves to see him. A nice Korean man down
the hall (who has a teen daughter here) bought him an ice cream. As
soon as he saw josh again today he patted his head and hugged him.
Even the grumpy old man in the room across the way gets nicer when
josh is here! We have been here so long (ok I know it could be worse)
that we are making friends.

I am thankful for everyone who has pitched in to help us this week. I
am doing good thanks to the "jail break" I get when my friend Karen
comes to sit with tim so I can run home to shower. I get a bit teary
eyed from time to time because I miss the kids.

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  1. Awww Gina......you are a trooper!! I'm so happy to hear that Tim is recovering.....but those hospital bills are certainly no fun! Aren't children such a miracle and blessing? They bring joy to so many!! I'm sending more hugs and prayers!!

  2. Hang in there soon it will all be over!! And then you will have ALL your babies at home needing you once again!!


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