Look hospital candy!

I ran home from the hospital really quick to take a shower while our
2nd mom Karen (thanks Karen!) stayed with tim. I had to take out the
trash, get the wet clothes out of the dryer, get the mail, and throw
away rotting fruit and all those things you need to do when you are
unexpectedly not home for 6 days.

And look what I found...a care package from our good friends from Ohio
that made us laugh more than we have laughed in weeks. We also got a
nice card in the mail from one of tim's students and a sweet envelope
on our doorstep from a family at church with cheerful pictures their
kids drew for tim (star wars and hello kitty).

Tim was touched and really teary eyed to get all this. We appreciate
everything so much!


  1. Awwww.......isn't just awesome to know you're being thought of and that so many care?! And hey! Pudding is always good!! LOL

  2. 6 days? Really? Thanks Gina! And thank you everybody :) Ask Gina what the T-Shirt said :)


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