Look what I got done

Just had my first chance to do something fun at the hospital...mount
these new stamps onto the wood blocks. Tim is sleeping and I am
watching "sick" tv. Thats what I call the price is right. The only
thing on tv back in the elementary school days when I stayed home
sick. Too many lame commercials on day time tv! I am turning it off.


  1. YEAH!!! I am so proud of you, great job!!
    It depends when Luke gets up from his nap if we will be able to bring you by more stamps to mount before we go to the Pink Pineapple : (
    But don't hold your breath I should have done it yesterday. I am soooo sad that you won't be there tonight, we will miss you terriably. I can't wait till this is all over and your life gets back to normal, I love you and think of you daily.

  2. Wow!! You are gonna be ready to make some fantabulous creations now!!! I also remember watching Price Is Right when home sick from school!!

  3. Way to go on making the most of your time. I'm sure you will be stamping soon. :0)

  4. the dude in the BED1/15/2008

    words cannot express how much it meant to me, Gina, for you to be there at the hospital. I know that it was boring and that you had to put up with sick TV. YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!


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