Making Memories Monday: My front porch

I was admiring my children's cute boots and bikes out my front door. It was so cute I took a picture of course! Take one peek at my front porch and you can immediately see what stage of life this household is in (complete with Huggies boxes by the garbage can). I am already thinking that one day I am going to miss this. I treasure having these sweet little ones in my life and I really want to enjoy their childhood with them. It goes by so fast. I feel like I need to take pictures of every little thing to scrapbook so that I don't forget all of these sweet (and sometimes challenging) moments. These are going into a scrapbook called "All about us" which is my attempt to document everything that represents our family in this stage of life. It's a quick little picfolio album from Creative Memories that pictures just slide into. I am good at taking pictures of my kids but I always forget the video camera. How do you document the moments of your life?


  1. Awww.........that brings back such sweet memories!!! Long before I had any such thing as a digital camera and software!!! LOL But I do have pictures I'll eventually organize!! I'm also looking at the pretty flowers on your porch vs. the same snow that's been on mine for a long time now!! ;)

  2. Oh these are wonderful pictures. You are so right the time when your children are young goes by so fast. I can hardly believe mine are already 26, 24, and 22!

    I am documenting 2008 by doing the 365 project on my Life Out My Window Blog [img]http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/36/36_1_75.gif[/img]

  3. Those are such beautiful pictures! I have started taking more pictures since I have started my blog because it feels like my journaling is always more than pictures. I just started digital scrapbooking this year though!

  4. This is great! I sure miss the days when my kids were smaller. I try to enjoy the stages they are in now. :0)


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