My wedding ring makeover!

My ring is no longer gold! A few months ago, my pal Heather let me in on a secret that my husband will forever thank her for...I can have my gold wedding ring dipped to look like Platinum! So instead of wishing for a new ring that doesn't look so "80's" I am now happy with what I have! I now LOVE my orignal wedding ring! For Christmas my husband arranged to have my ring "dipped" and now it looks like a new ring. I am really happy about this!


  1. What a beautiful gift!!! I lost my original one......only had a diamond chip in it as we were quite broke!! I still miss it!!

  2. Way to go on figuring a way to make it work with what you've got. Glad you are liking it. :0)

  3. Yeah I am so glad that you got that done, i need to get mine touched up again. I love the way it transforms your ring, I always wanted a different ring and then I got mine "dipped" and I haven't wanted anything different since. Love ya


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