Still at the hospital

My husband had his appendix removed yesterday (Monday) and is
recovering slowly but surely. It is going to be awhile for him to
recover because his appendix burst 2 days before we came in. Today was
much better for me since my friend karen came and sat with tim so i
could go home and shower and take some tylenol for a migraine. She is
like a second mom and very nurturing. Just what he needed (and me too!)

We had a few visitors too and that made for a nice change of pace for
me. It can get a little boring and lonely without anyone here. A
wonderful youth group mom dropped off some new magazines for me and
that made me smile! I was also able to see both of the kids for awhile
( lunch with jenna and dinner with josh). So far everyone is doing ok
but we sure miss the simple things like dinner around the meal table
with all 4 of us there.

Ever since the surgery I am sleeping here in a recliner next to tim.
He is a bit loopy and emotional with all the morphine. Its funny to
hear him talk... He rambles and gets stuck on certain topics that make
little sense. Kind of cute I suppose.

The kids are in good hands and I am thankful our friend joe is taking
care of the dog so I don't have to go back and forth as often. It's
midnight so I better get back to my station(-:


  1. Hang in there!! You're a loving and awesome wife!! You all are in my prayers!

  2. Ditto what Lee said. And I was glad to hear that you have so much local support. :0)

  3. We love you keep us posted!! Blessings!!

  4. Wow! Thanks for posting and update. I'll send well wishes and good thoughts your way.

  5. My brother had a ruptured bowel in late November and he is doing very well now. You are in for a long haul with DH but he will be fine in the long run. Good luck with the short run- and take better care of yourself- you'll need all your energy when he comes home!


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