Stock Your Freezer Sundays

(picture taken from my phone so pardon the quality)

I meant to post this last week but never got around to it! How can the San Diego Chargers lose the playoff when they have little Jenna sitting in her Charger cheerleading outfit, watching the game, and eating pizza? Isn't she cute? I love this picture. Wish I would have used my good camera. Oh well.

As for Stock Your Freezer Sunday...we have had wonderful meals delivered from church friends all week (because of my DH's recent surgery) and not had to use up my stash of Homemade Gourmet meal kits from my freezer yet. So I still have 7 meals all put together and ready to cook for this week! Yahooo. We have enjoyed all the meals and my 6 year old DS has been so excited to see who drops off dinner each night. We had a terrific Lasagna tonight (1 cup = 8 points). Yum. Well good night!


  1. She is so cute in the little cheerleader outfit. :0)

  2. Awww........how sweet is she?! I'm so glad you're being well cared for!! Hope everything's getting back to normal crazy instead of craaaaaazy crazy!! LOL I hope to "see" your beautiful creations in the Flybaby Blogging challenges!! Which I will start soon!! LOL

  3. This is the cutest picture!! I am so glad that you guys are still getitng taken care of and boy am I envious of you having meals for all week. :)


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