Thank Goodness My Freezer is Already Stocked Sunday!

Well today was not at all the day we had in mind. Being the last day of Christmas break and all! Catching up on laundry, putting away Christmas decorations, and hanging out at home after church was high on my list. Instead an unexpected trip to the hospital was what the day had in store for us.

Yes, it's official from the cat scan- Tim's (my DH) appendix burst. The doctors think it may have burst on Friday. He thought he had the flu. When he didn't seem to be getting better we decided to call the doctors off- hours phone line. We were told to go to Urgent care and then sent to the hospital. We were blessed to get a really great doctor (who is the surgeon) who is a fellow believer in Christ. He prayed with us and was really great. Turns out his nieces go to Santa Fe Christian where my husband teaches. One of them is in Tim's class! I know people have this kind of thing happen all the time (my brother just a few months ago) but when it does happen, I love to see the hand of God at work. We "just happened" to have 2 of our babysitters around already to stay with the kids all day long. I got an unexpected phone call from a MOPS friend who left a "I think God wants me to pray for you message on my phone that I "just happened" to listen to as I am sitting in the hospital with my husband. We "just happened" to have scheduled a parent to lead our Sr. High Sunday School class this morning (which my husband usually leads). Everything from sub plans, to babysitters, to a believing doctor, to extra help teaching Sunday School has been a HUGE blessing and reminder that God is very real in our lives. Especially since LAST weekend I was the guest preacher and would not have been ready to deal with any of this (BTW it was a fun sermon...you can hear it here)

Tim will probably have surgery tomorrow during the afternoon or early evening. He is feeling much better now that he has meds for pain management. He will probably be in the hospital until Wednesday or Thursday. The kids are with my friend Kristen for the night (I wasn't sure what was in store for the night) and my friend Maureen will take Josh to school all week (she lives in Escondido and commutes to Del Mar daily). She only lives a few blocks from Kristen. Jenna is already missing daddy since he has pretty much been MIA all weekend. I am not sure what I will do with the kids tomorrow night, but we have lots of people through church that our kids can stay with if we need them to. So we will see what tomorrow holds! Tim sent me home to sleep and it's creepy! It's really stormy and windy and an empty house is never fun! Especially when we had our 2nd police chase last night on our property...the joys of South Escondido. That's why I am REALLY happy that my dog sounds scary! Nothing like the police looking for a suspect in our backyard. Maybe I will call Kristen and go there! (-;

Good night! I'll keep you posted...all should be back to normal soon. Thank the Lord for antibiotics and his many provisions. Now if He will just help with that insurance co-pay. We joked that we should have another baby in 2008 since all of our deductables will be met with this expensive hospital stay!

And yes...I have lots of meals in my freezer (see recent post), so that is one thing I won't be having to worry about.


  1. OMG!! You poor thing, we will be praying for you and Tim, God is truley amazing. His grace is sufficient for every need!! We love you and if you need anything let me know.

    Love you!!

  2. Oh my,that was quite a day you and your DH had. But God is good and he does take care of us even when we aren't aware of it or thinking we need it.

  3. Oh Gina! I'm so sorry.......but so glad your dh in good hands!! As are your kiddos!! Lots of hugs and prayers!!

  4. Oh, I will keep your family and DH in my prayers. Hope all is well soon.

  5. Isn't it funny how we're always so amazed and surprised at the way God works?! He is so faithful. I hope the next few days go by quickly so you can all be home and together again.


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