Stock Your Freezer Sunday

My favorite product! I LOVE these. I can not stand washing my crockpot with all the "drippings" and juices on the bottom. With these wonderful liners all I have to do is carefully pull out the liner from the crockpot and clean-up is DONE. I was bummed because my local grocery store stopped carrying these but guess what? I found them today at Target and they were way cheaper there too. I bought 5 packages of them! They come with 4 liners in a package for under $2. Totally worth it! I cannot say enough how much easier these things make my life!
oh wanted to add that Michelle over at the Stamp Workshop is offering a GENEROUS blog candy. See her blog for a chance to win. Link I also have her listed on my list of blogs that I visit. Look for Michelle.


  1. Hmmm...I've never tried these. They sound wonderful...In SoCA they help you save water to...I guess I am lucky that I have a DH that cleans out the yuckkies from the bottom of my crock pot.

  2. I always forget to put these on my grocery list but boy do I remember when I'm scrubbing my crock pot out. LOL Thanks for the reminder! :)

  3. Can you believe I have these and STILL forget to use them???? SHE I totally am!!! LOL I have GOT to try them out!!


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