What's for Dinner?

Too tired to think about dinner today...too much going on. I was
thankful that I still have leftover shredded chicken in the freezer
and corn bread muffins in the freezer too. Which reminds me....go get
the cornbread out of freezer. I dumped the lump of frozen shredded
chicken into this pan (see pic) then I added Bonnies Blue Ribbon Chili
mix from HG, some pinto beans, black beans, and diced tomatoes. Dinner
is on its way to being done! Tuesdays are super busy and I am glad
that dinner is easy (and healthy) tonight. I am simmering it on super
low til we decide to eat.


  1. Thanks for stoping by my blog. I like to see other CM stuff posted.
    Enjoy this day of your blessed life!


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