Another dinner in minutes.

Dinner time really can be EASY! All I did to get dinner prepped was
this: Grabbed my slowcooker from the cupboard, tossed in some frozen
chicken breasts from costco,dumped in a can of diced tomatoes, a few
scoops of southwest seasoning and added some diced potatoes. Thats
it! Dinner is all set! I will put some HG Spanish rice in my rice
cooker later (it cooks without me! So I can go play with the kids
while it works its magic) add a bagged salad and there ya go! Faster
than going out to eat, healthier, and cheaper! I will use the leftover
chicken for taco soup later this weekend. I adore Taco Soup and you
probably know that by now! -g


  1. Oh YUM!! All your food talk is making me hungry!!! I seem to go in phases with my crock pot.....but I'm gonna need it more than ever with packing!!! Thanks for the reminder!! Sounds like you had a yummy Easter too!!

  2. That meal sounds great!


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