My latest creative Projects

I picked these little photo albums up at Target for under $2 each. I took my wonderful Simply Scrappin kit from Stampin Up (I can't remember the name of it) and made matching covers for all the albums (replacing the cheesey pink flamingos and ugly green flowers on the original covers). All I needed to do this was a pair of scissors and some good adhesive (my favorite adhesive is the tape runner from Creative Memories). Now I have four cute matching albums that sit in a basket in our youth room at church. They are filled with pictures I had stuck in a box for ages. The youth group teens and my own kids have really enjoyed looking through these albums.


  1. What a fun idea!! Those scrappin' kits are a lot of fun!! But I do have one "slight" disagreement with you........I LOVE those cheesey pink flamingos!!!! ROFL!!! Okay.......prolly not on a photo album....but they ARE pink!!!!! :)


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