My own pool!

Can you believe I got a villa to myself
( no hubby and no kids) with my own pool for less than $100 dollars.
Go Priceline.com!
So here is the Pict of the pool I promised.
And no I didn't skinny dip or chunky dunk. haha. I just dipped my toes in since I didn't bring a swimsuit! I forgot to tell you that the Lord also provided me with my own coffee maker and full size canister of fresh ground coffee! That was in my hotel room and if you know me at all, I am a major coffee snob and can't live w/o my morning cup of coffee! It was as though God gave me ALL the things he knew I would love to remind me that when I take time away with Him, he will truly give me the desires of my heart and prove to be an excellent date! Today was the reflective retreat and it was amazing!


  1. That's absolutely cool to the max!!!! Enjoy the relaxing quiet!!

  2. So happy you could have this time away. Must refresh to stay fresh in ministry!! Blessings!

  3. Wow, God is good :) I had time away this weekend too. It is amazing the clarity that comes from time set aside.

  4. This is so awesome. God is indeed so good and he wants to do so much for us if we only allow him to.


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