Where Have I been?

I am behind on blogging. I know!
It is a super busy season at church (my FT job) with Easter coming up and we have a big Capital Campaign going on too (fundraising). I waste tooo much time on the computer so I am trying to cut down on that.

Last Friday I spoke to over 100 women on "Creating S-More Sparks, Smiles, and Joy in Your Marriage" It was awesome and a lot of fun.
God continues to affirm my preaching/speaking gift and after giving talks I always come home really energized. This talk always helps me to re-focus on my own marriage too and enjoy some awesome lovin with my hubby. Anyways just wanted to share. It was fun. Hear a Sunday talk from church
if you are at all interested. It's a good one too and filled with lots of stories.


  1. Seems a lot of us are behind on our BLOGing, but that certainly doesn't mean we are sitting around doing nothing does it? Keep up the good work at church, believe me I know that can take over many of your hours.


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