Wow! I am so blessed!

God is good that is for sure! I pricelined a hotel up in Newport beach
so I can be closer to an all day Reflective Retreat I am going on
tomorrow for women in youth ministry. Look what I got! My own
scrapbooking table! The lady at the front desk said "we are completely
booked so I upgraded you to a Villa." I have a fire place and even my
own private heated swimming pool! I feel like I went away on a date
with the Lord and he honored me with his best. This is amazing. I
can't even begin to explain how loved I feel right now. I will post a
picture of the pool tomorrow
Since its too dark to see right now.


  1. Gina!!! That's so amazing......and truly deserved with the last few months you've been through and yet with such a positive outlook!!! Have a FANtastic time!!!

  2. That is sooooooo great!! God is so faithful and He knew that you deserved it. You are his wonderful daughter and He wants you to have the best. I am so happy for you, wish I was there with you stamping though, even though you would kick me out so you could be alone, he he he.

  3. Our God is so good to us. He IS Jehovah Jireh, Lord Provider. Don't you love it when He says, "Let me splash a little bit more of my abundance all over you!" So happy for you!


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