A card I made tonight

So I took the photo with my cell phone so it could have come out
better but I love this card! It is the first card I made so far that I
really really love. I can't wait to mail it. Made with the 'she's all
that' stamp set from the occasions mini (from stampin up). I can
totally see how this card making thing can be addictive!


  1. That is a FABulous card!!! I love that glitz!!

  2. The glitter is fab - and yes, cardmaking is TOTALLY addictive!! I heard someone once joke that stamping was an addiction and therapy all rolled into one, and I couldn't agree more :)

  3. This is so pretty!! I love that shimmer! :)

  4. This is aDORable! Glad you've gotten some serious crafting time in! Yes, it's not only better than therapy, it's cheaper too! Well, usually.....

  5. You are soooooo talented! Love that card!!! :)

  6. I love the card, too! And what a nice card to receive (speaking as a near-third trimester pregnant woman)! How thoughtful of you!


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