Dinner in your Rice Cooker

Need a casserole fast? Use your rice cooker! Thats what I am doing for
family dinner tonight. Here are the steps:

1) dumping into my rice cooker this
casserole mix (Southwest casserole mix from Homemade Gourmet)

adding 3 cups of water (just follow the casserole directions and use
the amount of water on package)

3) adding 1 cup of cooked ground beef from my fridge (a Homemade Gourmet Girl always has cooked ground beef ready in her freezer or fridge)

4) turning rice cooker on and dinner is done in minutes.

I will serve it over baked tortilla chips and add some shredded lowfat
cheese on top. Yummmmmy! Except I am on a diet and eating my own
frozen meal and get to watch my family eat a yummy dinner without me.
But hey I lost 5 pounds in a week and feel great. (-:

and FYI this casserole takes ONE HOUR to cook in the OVEN and only 30 MINUTES in the RICE COOKER. Works for me!


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