I had the busiest weekend ever. We did the 30 hour famine with our youth group from Friday-Saturday and then a busy day at church (I had to teach 3 and 4 year olds and then lead a teen confirmation class). I came home EXHAUSTED. Well today is my day off so I am going to do my Flylady Weekly Home Blessing and hang out with Jenna (my 3 year old) and then pick up Josh from school today since DH (dear husband) has a late meeting. It is a beautiful day here in San Diego and I might even take the kids to the beach if I feel up to the challenge. I don't know I have a ton of catch up to do today too. Mondays are usually "Spaghetti" dinner days so I need to pick up some ground beef and bread at the store since I went through my "stash" of pre-cooked ground beef that was in the freezer. I am excited because my Homemade Gourmet Coffee is in route to me via UPS and I am completely out. I am having de-caf today and I just really need the caffeine! (-;


  1. It's so funny to think of you going to the beach.......we have snow on the ground here!!!! LOL

  2. Decaf...perish the thought! ;-)

    My guys camped at the beach this weekend and brought 1/2 of it home with them in there bags. I kinda have a beach on my kitchen floor! Hope your day was wonderful!


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