Now I know what a back-flow is

We are back online with water. Hurray. Now I know what to look for
next time we dont have water. What I dont remember is whether or not
this was in or outside of the fence before it was stolen. We have such
low-life copper thievery around here. Wish I could post my dog outside
to keep on eye on things but she loves to come in and sleep next to my
bed every night. She usually hears things outside but not this time.
They must have been sneaky sneaky.


  1. Now why in heaven's NAME would somebody want to steal that??? Lunatics!!!

  2. Seriously! Who would want to steal that??? I'm so glad that you got your water back on. I've been without water before...SO not fun.

  3. Ooooo-pretty! I mean that beautiful green grass, btw. We currently reside in mud-central until spring kicks in a bit more, lol.

    I am so glad you have your water back. Life without it is NOT good, especially with little ones.


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