We made it to the beach today

It has been really hot here in my neck of the woods. I picked Josh up
from school today and we went to the beach. It was really fun to see
them run around and enjoy the sand and water. It was so relaxing to be
there after a super busy weekend. I love that Monday is my day off.


  1. What a couple of cuties...Now imagine me with eyes closed and a smile on my face as I imagine being at the beach with all of you.......

  2. OMG how cute are they, we should do a beach day together. I love the beach!!

  3. Ohhh........is that just the sweetest picture EVER!!!! Well, I can still go play in the snow!! LOL

  4. Awww....what little cuties! Glad it was a lovely day for y'all!

  5. Anonymous4/16/2008

    How fun! I wanna go to the beach!
    Love your blog girlfriend!
    :) Hugs-


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