I really need to cook something fun for dinner for my hubby. He has been a bit neglected in the food arena since I started Jenny Craig. I still cook a bunch of my Homemade Gourmet stuff because it's quick and easy...but not as often as I used to! Today is my day off and I was way too lazy today! Not FLYING much at all.
The only thing productive I did was play with Jenna (dd 3 year old) and wash the dog. I did some dishes and now I need to go finish them. I made a fun card as part of an online chat and stamp thing earlier today. My first time trying that out. I am so behind on laundry and it's really hot here in Southern California. We don't have air conditioning so all I want to do is sleep and eat ice cream, but I can't!!! We did discover a new frozen yogurt place called the Yogurt Factory that has really yummy lowfat yogurt. You walk in and grab a cup, fill it up yourself from about 10 choices of flavors and head to a topping bar and pile it on.

They weigh the cup and ya pay. It cost our family of 4 about $10 I think. It was fun because I could actually have my "milk" serving and they had fresh sliced strawberries as a topping. That was a "fruit" serving. I love it when I can find a fun treat that fits in my diet plan.


  1. Ooooo-VERY pretty in pink! Great colors, they can't be beat and I love the layout...very nice!

  2. This card is yummy!!

  3. Cute card, I love how you aren't afraid to use your DSP!! I love it!!

  4. Gina....it's just gorgeous!!! Pink and brown are THE best color combo ever!!!! LOL I just love how you did the sentiment too!!


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