A Disney Page Using Storybook Creator Plus

Here are some pages I made using Storybook Creator Plus from Creative Memories. Although I love my mac and Photoshop...this CM program is just too easy and fun to use to pass up! I can use all the fun digi goodies from everywhere on the web and my Creative Memories digital kits all in the same program with ease. Last night when I went scrappin with my friends all I had to do was bring my laptop and my pictures on a CD (burned from Iphoto on my mac). It was so easy to scrapbook and clean up was simple...just shut the computer and unplug. I can get to lovin this! I am on the computer WAY TOO MUCH and working with REAL PAPER and adhesive is still fun too (just really messy!) And the Digital Kits are instant downloads so I get instant gratification! Just order and download...no shipping to pay for and no UPS man to wait for either (hey it saves gasoline too by shopping online).


  1. These are adorable! I'm hoping Santa brings me PSE and an external harddrive for Christmas so I can start digital scrapbooking! Awesome job!!

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  3. I love them, they look much better with the backgrounds and Disney stuff on them. I did the same thing when I got home too!!

  4. PINK EARS!!!!!??????? I didn't know there were PINK ears now!!!! How perfect!! And the pages are so sweet.........what wonderful memories!!

  5. Love your Blog. I am a CM Consultant and it is nice seeing people use Story book creator! I used it for a project at work and have mede a few other pages. I love the program. Here are some things that I have done!




  6. Anonymous7/11/2008

    Hi! I've got a Mac, too, and I'm trying to get Storybook Creator to work on Parallels. Any ideas? Do you print out the pages you make?


  7. Tell me how you use other papers and embllies with SBC!!!!

  8. I hope you see this question even though it is posted Jan 09...
    I am a long-time user of creative memories and I have done a few StoryBooks. However, I just switched to an iMac and the whole iPhoto thing has been driving me crazy. iPhoto seems to organize your photos in a weird way so when you go to look for them they are all out of whack so I never know what to import into StoryBook anymore. I'm about to give up on iPhoto and just import straight into the Windows side of my computer. You are the only other person I've found who is trying to make iPhoto with Storybook... can you explain a little bit how you do it? From camera to iPhoto? From camera to external drive, then to iPhoto? Please!

  9. I find all the Pictures I want to use and export them. Make an album of the pictures you want to use in iphoto. Click "select all" under the edit menu. Go to file and click "export" to a file on your desktop. Put them on a memory stick if you are moving it to a PC (thats what I do) or save to a CD. Then you can easily find them with Storybook Creator.

  10. HELP! I use the same program but can't figue out how to export pages so I can share them on my blog. Can you email me at:

    It would have me tons of time!

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