Family Fun Friday

We went to the beach today and last Friday also. A great way to escape the heat wave we are experiencing in Southern California. One fun thing about my job are beach trips!
We took our Sr. High youth group last week and our Jr. High youth group today. I highly recommend going to the beach with teens who can help you lug all your gear. My kiddos usually come along on youth group beach trips and of course had a wonderful time. Everyone will sleep well tonight. The pictures above are from today. It was funny that our Jr. Highers were asking "How long til we get there?" They seemed to think the beach is far away. Hmmm. 35 minutes is all. We pull into the lot and see the "Zoney Plates" (what we call Arizona summer visitors) and I remind the kids how lucky we are to live this close to the beach.


  1. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Did you see that I tagged you on my blog?? :)

  2. Oh how fun!! I think the ocean would be so cool to sea! LOL Pardon my dumb pun!!! :) We've been a couple of times, but it would be wonderful to enjoy it a little more often!!


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