Father's Day Project

I went to Office Depot to pick up some envelopes and look what I found...a pen holder that had Wild About You from Stampin' Up! written all over it. So I picked this up for $3 and decorated it. 
Cute huh? 

Today was one lazy Saturday. The kids were tired and worn out from a fun day at the beach yesterday. Tim and I were tired from staying up way too late last night and slept in for as long as the kiddos would let us.  I had so much fun going to Ever After Scrapbooks with a couple of friends last night and FINALLY having a Friday night off. I usually work on Friday nights and it was a blast to actually have a fun ladies night out with girlfriends to look forward too. I'll post some pages I made later. (-;  I need to get off the computer now and give my kiddos a bath.  


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