My dream Cityscape House!!!

updated on November 3, 2009

NOTE: the houses on the left are the Cityscape homes. The pic on the right are the Park Ave row homes of which we just bought!

I just LOVE these Cityscape houses by Michael Crews. I REALLY want one.
Ever since the day they were built I've been in love. They are in a less than desirable neighborhood
but hey...more chances for making a difference in that kind of community, right? I toured the home when they were going for 499,900 or something like that. Maybe more. After walking through these amazing homes I went to Starbucks and cried in my Latte because I wanted one so badly. I even took my youth group there and talked about "impossible dreams" that are made possible with God as part of a Bible Study.

Guess what? They are up for auction. Apparently no one else wanted to live in that neighborhood and the builder has had a difficult time selling them. They are starting at $149,000
These are NEW homes . 2,000 square foot homes. Oh pray that we can get one!!! We are at least going to try. Wish we had rich family that could help. Ive always loved "Row" homes. The floor plan on these homes ROCK! Come on Michael Crews...you know ya want to help a youth leader and school teacher get into one.

FAST forward to Sept 2009....Gina gets her ROW HOME! Yay! Its just in El Cajon and not Escondido.... (-;


  1. get pre-approved, pray it up, and see what happens!

    those "less than desirable" neighborhoods can be really awesome. I've had two friends purposefully move into one in the last 6 months. Our church is starting to have a real impact relationally and economically on that neighborhood. God may want you there bad!

  2. Oh, I do hope you get one of these houses. Good luck!


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