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I think most of my friends and family know by now...and if not and you think I should have personally said something to you I am sorry! I can be such a slacker of a friend.

But it's been a weird summer for us. Here is the story:
I am pregnant! Or was. Or Still am. Really not sure.
So those of you who were wondering if I fell of the diet wagon...well I did!
I was sure enjoying the free for all too.

At 10 weeks pregnant I went to the ER yesterday because spotting turned into bleeding and my OBGYN said "go to the ER." To make a long story short that's where I went.

The ER doc said it was "a threatened abortion." Strangely enough the last ultra sound at my OBGYN revealed for a tiny second or two possible twins (two yolk sacs) but no confirmation that both were viable. It was hard to get a good peek at one, much less two.

With the craziness of my body right now... my hope is that I lost one and get to keep one, but nothing has looked reassuring to that end.

I go on Tuesday back to my OBGYN (who is on vacation this week...driving me crazy!) but I don't think my pregnancy will make it to that point. It was all a big surprise for us and has been a strange journey all along.

So now you are in the know. I really don't mind people knowing what's been going on.
Good news and bad news are all a part of real life. I know God doesn't waste a hurt.

And PRAY For the pregnancy to make it of course is ideal...but God's peace and comfort if it does not. My story isn't anything new. Plenty of women have gone through all this before (and worse), but it sure is not a pleasant experience. I was excited about this little summer "surprise."

We were waiting until my appointment (at 11 weeks) on Tuesday to make the pregnancy "news" public (when we would know if their was one or 2) but seems we won't have any news to share.
Definitely bummed but thankful for the blessing of the 2 kids I do have. So if you are a friend or family member that reads my blog, you now have the full scoop.

I am doing fine (a little bummed) but looking forward to a weekend of scrapbooking with some amazing ladies. I am prepared to have fun regardless of everything else. A Sunday off of work is rare for me and time away by myself that is not related to work is also rare.

In the midst of the craziness, I will admit it has been awesome to get some meals delivered (-; and extra TLC from my friends and family. So thanks for that! I am supposed to be on bed rest but hard to do with a 3 year old. I don't think resting will delay the inevitable too much. What ever will be...will be of course! And I will bless the name of the Lord through the good and bad. (Nehemiah 9:5b).

Here is a scrap book page I made to journal my feelings at the moment. I wanted to document this event. Even in the midst the unknown I feel so much peace from the Lord and comfort with the sweet little things people have been doing for me.

Updated 2/24/10
I just wanted to add that I've been through 4 miscarriages (one before my daughter was born) and most recently during '08 and spring of '09. The last of which was very brief and happened very early. We are currently content and happy with our little family of 4 (1 boy and 1 girl) but if anyone has suffered through miscarriages....I feel your pain! I still occasionally dream of babies and nursing but our life is quite settled and I don't think another child is in our plans. I am grateful for a dear friend who remembered these little brief blessings and sent me cards each time a "would be" due date hit the calendar. It's important to share these details with at least one close friend so they can morn the losses (big and small) with you and let you know they remember.


  1. Prayers for your comfort however things work out.

  2. My prayers are with you and your husband. Having lost a baby to a miscarriage I know that even when there is a great deal of trust in God's goodness and plans for us that there still is hurt and loss. It's just bearable because we know God is with us through it all. Take care of yourself......

  3. what an awesome page... God does indeed give.... and take away.... and how rich to be able to say in the midst of tears and sorrow, "blessed be the name of the Lord". Praying for God's comforting arms to wrap around you and hold you close.

  4. Oh Gina.......I can only add my prayers and tons and tons of bear hugs!!! I think that is an amazing scrap page and your faith and love come shining through!!! Of course I'll be praying for a safe and happy ending..........but I know it may not be. Please know just how many of us love you and want to support you in any way that is encouraging and most helpful to you!! I don't live close enough to bring a meal, or take your little ones for a while, but I want you to know that you and your family will be held close in prayer!! And know that any emotions you feel are valid, and even hurt and anger won't upset God as He is big enough to love you through any pain and hurt!!!!

  5. What an awesome page Gina. I have been where you are but I know it was not meant for me to have that baby. My prayers are with you and your family and if you ever need anything please do not hesitate to ask. God will get you through this and make you stronger in the process. {{{{HUGS}}}}


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