Menu Plan Monday

Nothing like being away for the weekend and coming home to your husband reminding you out of the blue that he will be away at 6th grade camp all week. He totally forgot and so did I! So last night I made Dream Spaghetti for dinner. It seems to be a meal that never ends and miraculously multiplies itself into lunch and dinner and then lunch again. And then another dinner or two! It's a good one to serve up all warm and gooey and then enjoy the leftovers for as long as the the kids are willing to have them! Super cheap. 25 cents a serving. Cheaper than a Costco hot dog. I put several Glad-ware bowls of this into the freezer too!

So here is the menu for the week...even with Tim away I don't want to run to McDonalds or order Pizza just because I can.

Monday: Dream Spaghetti (from Sundays leftovers)

Tuesday: Make Taco Soup out of the Southwest Chicken I made on Sunday for lunch. (COST cooking! Cook Once Serve Twice)

Wednesday: Season and Steam Broccoli Beef (done in 12 minutes!!)

Thursday: Leftover Taco Soup drained and served in corn tortillas as tacos. (COST Cooking)

Friday: Jr. High youth group (means pizza)

Saturday: Grill some Chipotle seasoned steaks.

Sunday: Quesadillas made with leftover Chipotle Seasoned steaks. (COST cooking)


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