My Twilight Inspired Cookbook

I just love this! Here is what the cookbook looks like. It's a Twilight inspired cookbook filled with recipes inspired by all the cooking and food mentioned in the Twilight Series. I made this over the weekend with a bunch of super cool and sweet Twilight Teens.  If you are interested in purchasing the cookbook card kit you can here through paypal.  Right now I am only selling the stack of recipe cards  that go into the cookbook. You can look at my youtube for a cookbook tutorial for an idea.


  1. Love your Twilight cookbook! You did a wonderful job on it!

    Are you going to join us on the Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenges? They are so much fun!

  2. Hello! Could you please give a little bit more info on the book? How many recipes those it have? Is it from all the books or only Twilight? Do you include all the dishes already mentioned in the book? Are they complete recipes or shortcut ones?

    thanks a lot!

  3. They are a stack of book inspired (food referenced to or inspired by the book) They are a stack of 20. They are mostly shortcut recipes.
    Thanks for looking.


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