Family Fun Night

I took the kids to Blockbuster to get Kung Fu Panda for a fun movie night.
To complete the theme we enjoyed a super easy dinner of Broccoli Beef, egg rolls and
brown rice. I made the season and steam broccoli beef from Homemade Gourmet
(cooks in a microwave steamer bag so no dishes from it!) and threw some rice in
my rice cooker and put egg rolls in the oven. We all enjoyed eating in front of the TV
watching Kung Fu Panda. Season and Steam bags are my new FAVE from Homemade Gourmet. They come with a tear off grocery list of no more than a couple of items and
the meal cooks in the microwave in less than 15 minutes. We tried the Philly Cheese steak and
Fajitas last week. We've had the broccoli beef 3 times now...it's my favorite meal!


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