I am at the Doctor Phil show

Look where I got to go today! I am enjoying the Doctor Phil show and
the Price is Right today with my MOPS group and LOVING a day with girlfriends.
I got to sit in the front row with my good friend Heather at the Doctor Phil Show.
Drew Carey is really nice and did a great job of interacting with the audience during commercial breaks. I was impressed with him. Doctor Phil was nice too. It was way different being there than seeing it on TV. He doesn't even meet the guest until they come on the stage to film. The topic was on marriage. But the situations he was counseling were kind of lame. One lady that dresses drag for a hobby with a super sweet husband that is uncomfortable with it. The other lady wanted a one year break from her marriage and had lots of issues they didn't even have time to unpack. I think the Price is Right is going to show on Jan 16th and I have no idea when the Doctor Phil show will air.

Here is a picture from Heather's blog.


  1. Sounds like lots of fun and a terrific day!


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