I finished the Twilight series now what ????

I finished Breaking Dawn today. I have been delaying finishing it.
Kind of like good chocolate... I'd treat myself to a little each day.
Being the last book of the 4 in the saga I wasn't ready for it to be
over yet! Like a good vacation that you want to last forever. These
books are soooooo good!
Today was emotionally exhausting (working with teens can be) and I
think getting up at 4am yesterday made me even more prone to emotional
ups and downs. I don't do well on little sleep. I was looking at my
sons homework and started crying because he is turning 7 on Monday. I
am not ready for my little boy to grow older.
So with all of that I decided to escape for 30 minutes and finish the
book as a treat. I can't wait to see the Twilight movie!!!! I am so
excited for it!!


  1. Just start them all over again! They are better the second(third, fourth, fifth. . .) time around! Can't wait for the movie. I already got a babysitter so I could drap my hubby! :)

  2. My kids at school are ALL reading these!


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