Book of Blessings Birthday Idea

We were invited to an 18th birthday party for one of our youth group kids.  The theme for the party is passing along wisdom and blessings to the 18 year old. I went home from church and whipped together a mini book of blessings. I used Starbucks coffee sleeves that I've been collecting to make the album.I replaced the Starbucks logo with "18." For the blessings and wisdom I scattered some expressions from the Creative Memories expressions of Faith vellum accents. Inserted in each sleeve is a picture, or a written note and quote of some kind. It was fun to make this album. Since I only had 2 hours to finish the book I didn't embellish as much as I wanted to. Since the album is for a guy I am sure he does not mind. When the album was complete, I tucked in two movie tickets for the birthday boy. Then my hubby put it in a princess gift bag for good humor (and we happen to have lots of girly gift bags around).


  1. What a great project - I'm sure it will be treasured.

  2. What an awesome project!!


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