Eat dinner at home.

Eating together as a family is important to me...can you tell? Family time at the dinner table is priceless. These past 2 years have been filled with a few hospital stays. These hospital stays always remind me how something as simple as a dinner around the table is often taken for granted. Everyone smiling and sitting at home around the dinner table demonstrates health, love, and a blessed life. The ability to have food, to enjoy health and conversation is something we take for granted.

Have you seen Oprah's "What can you live without" series? One of the challenges is to eat at home for a month! Do you think you can do that? When you eat at home TOGETHER at the dinner table the $$ we save and the memories made over dinner is more than you can imagine.

Here is Suze Orman's three-step money pledge:
  • Don't spend any money for a day.
  • Don't use your credit card for a week.
  • Don't eat out in restaurants for a month.
Try it! I also encourage you to ban cell phones,TV, and computers for at least ONE day a week and see your entire family get closer. As a youth leader I see the distraction of technology and the negative impact it has on family togetherness. Enjoy the peace of not letting texting and technology dictate your day. You will be surprised at how refreshing it is to get back to the simple things!


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