Menu Plan Monday

So much has been happening....I have not had time to blog (no internet and no iphone)
A quick update....I went from one terrific job at Westminster Pres to another terrific job at Shadow Mountain Community Church. In this economy I am thankful for consistent employment in a field I love (youth ministry). We moved from Escondido (North County San Diego) to El Cajon which is in East County San Diego. We are currently crammed in a little apartment while we house hunt for a home in the El Cajon area. We have a couple more offers in the works so we hope to land something soon. Living in a rather small apartment (with NO dining area what so ever) and insufficient air conditioning... I have been slacking in the meal planning department. Eating out has got the better of us for sure.

Today I cut my coupons and made my menu for the week. Here is is:

Monday: Garlic Lemon Pork (Season and Steam bag from Homemade Gourmet) and steamed white rice. COST cooking (cook once serve twice) tip: Save leftover Chicken for Friday's Chicken Fettucine.

Tuesday: Chicken in the Slow Cooker (it was on sale for way cheap!) with Veggies.
Wednesday: Youth Group Night and Taco salad is the plan (have tim bring it over when he drops off kiddos) or back up plan is Subway.

Thursday: Cold PLay Concert! so it's a date night.

Friday: Chicken Fettucine (using leftovers)

Saturday: Grill Turkey Burgers


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