Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday
Here is the menu for the week...apparently its a super busy week! We don't seem to be home that much this week.

Monday: Hamburgers (hamburger patties bought on clearance for almost nothing and frozen...currently defrosting!)

Tuesday: Youth Leaders Meeting (food provided)

Wednesday: Youth Group/Awana (Subway!) Share 2 footlongs and pack some fruit, water, and chips to eat at church.

Thursday: Twilight Saga-New Moon- Eat out with friends!! Kids and hubby= leave them some Spaghetti (Homemade Gourmet) to enjoy.

Friday: HOME....all of us?? Slow Cooker to the rescue. Grandmothers Sunday Roast Chicken,(Homemade Gourmet) Green beans, Mashed Potatoes.


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