2010 Calendar Made with Stampin Up My Digital Studio

Here are two more layouts I made for Christmas gift calendars! Are they adorable or what? I made them using My Digital Studio from Stampin Up. I am all done with all 12 months and so excited to put them together for gifts for the grandparents!
Everything is from Stampin Up except the calendars (I didn't want to put all the days/numbers on!) are from Heather Ann Designs


  1. I see you use both the SU and the CM digital programs. Which do you prefer? Which is more value for the money? I am new to scrapbooking and with 2 under 2, I *think* it will be much easier to do digital scraping, so with that, I am also looking to see which is more user friendly? THanks for your help and I LOVE your blog. I am always looking for ways to savemoney...and looking for other flybabies!!

  2. I have both and both have their benefits. CM is easiest to use in my opinion and has more "kid" friendly themes (Disney stuff, etc). But I love my SU goodies too. If I had to pick one I would go CM all the way. It's the best value.


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