Twilight cookbook recipe

Why is there not a Twilight cookbook out on the shelves to buy at Barnes and Noble? There is so much cooking in the Twilight saga and so many opportunities for fun recipes such as my "You've been hunting Blondies" (Butterscotch) the color of Edward's eyes! Well in honor of the DVD release of New Moon on March 20, 2010 here are 2 recipes for you to enjoy. I've gotten a lot of emails recently asking for more recipes for those DVD release parties coming up. The Lasagna is from Twilight (book 1) and the Butterscotch brownies are from New Moon. Click on it to enlarge the photo. I've also included how to purchase a twilight cookbook kit on the side menu bar of my blog. I have a FT job and putting together cookbook kits takes a bunch of time, so they are priced accordingly and may take 7-10 business days to assemble and mail. Have a delicious day!


  1. These recipes will be great for the scrap book I'm putting together for a friend's birthday present. Have you got any other recipes inspired or related to Twilight that you could put up online?

  2. I have several online, but the rest are available for purchase because of the time it took to find, create, edit, and design them. Thanks for looking.


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