Look here Jamie Oliver

Have you been watching Jamie's Food Revolution? I DVR the show on Friday nights and it has made me thankful for my son's school! Jamie's campaign is to replace processed foods in schools with fresh, homemade, healthy meals. Kids deserve freshly prepared meals that have good ingredients.
They use Ki's School Lunches . Kii's uses mostly organic ingredients and loads of fresh veggies and also offer organic milk, filtered water, and fruit smoothies. I can't afford to order it every day for my son, but when I do, I am happy to know it is healthy. My son loves the food and says, "Mommy I wish we were rich so I can order Kii's everyday!" My husband teaches at the school and Kii's provided a free lunch for the teachers. Look at the yummy leftovers he came home with! This is the kind of awesome food Kii's provides with lots of veggies and lean chicken. All served up on a whole wheat tortilla.


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