My CVS deals

I usually don't even try to get deals at CVS but since I subscribe to
the CVS list on www.thegrocerygame.com I wanted to give it a go. I
typically don't like going to several stores but since CVS is just
down the street I stopped in for some deals.

I first bought the $8.99 Shick Hydro 3 razor using a $5 manufacturer
coupon. Total cost: 4.87 and earned $4 ecb's (extra care bucks=cvs

I then went and bought two of the Crest pro health toothpaste for
$3.50 each and used .75 cent off manufacturer coupons for each one and
used my $4 ecb. Total cost: $2.18 and earned $7 more ecb's. Pretty
good! So I have $7 in cvs bucks in my wallet for whatever else I will
need next time I go. Pretty darn good if you ask me. I will wait to
use the $7 until some good deals come around on stuff we need. Mine
expire in June so I will definitly be back to CVS before that.


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