Twilight Bites Cookbook idea

So how do I get my cookbook idea into a reality? Anyone?
Bella does so much cooking for Charlie. There are a ton of  fun recipe ideas using Twilight themes. I am shocked  I can't walk into Borders right now and purchase a Twilight inspired cookbook. I came up with this idea about 2 years ago and am surprised no one has published one yet. Oh how I would love to be the person to help make a real Twilight inspired cookbook and see it on Amazon.com and my local Borders bookstore. With my name somewhere on it. A girl can dream, right? BTW there is a self published one on Amazon.com I found. It's kind of lame looking and definitely not the beautiful one I have in mind (and thought of FIRST!).

 Here is the latest Twilight inspired recipe (a sample of the recipe card) for your viewing pleasure.
My friend Jane brought this yummy blood colored beverage over for our New Moon DVD release viewing Party. It's really good and thus named Jane's Juice (a perfect vampire name!) Have a delicious day! -G
Want to order the recipe cards? You can! You can order the whole set of recipe cards for $20. There are currently 20 cards. Some cards are not recipes...but rather quotes from the book to put into our own decorated Twilight cookbook or scrapbook. Email me if you have questions at ginabbas at hotmail.com (to avoid spam you need to add the @) 


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