Back to School Digital Scrapbook Page/Abbas Update

Tim's New Classroom at LFCS
Josh has the most adorable classroom!

This school year brought changes to the Abbas home. Tim was laid off after 9 wonderful years at Santa Fe Christian due to tough economic times (a casualty of trying to balance the budget I guess).  Of course this was conveniently before he was about to significantly go up the pay grade. We were both shocked and sad. 

Our little boy LOVED the school and Tim enjoyed teaching there. So both Josh and Tim said a sad goodbye to Santa Fe and faced the unknown together. Well...God provided! Within six weeks of leaving SFC, Tim landed a great job close to home! Goodbye 45 minute commute and hello Literacy First Charter School! Both kids LOVE their new school and Tim's creative style of teaching is a perfect match for LFCS. Tim even has several of our youth group kids in his class and once again enjoys hearing "we love Mr. Abbas' class." He doesn't have to worry about being too loud of a teacher...all the teachers teach into microphones (so they are all loud!).

Josh and I were talking on the way home from school yesterday about the sad (tear filled) day he found out he could no longer attend Santa Fe. He learned that God had something even better in store for him. He has made really good friends, has an amazing teacher and school is 5 minutes away! With school so much closer to home, I am able to be on his campus more often and stay in the school loop of information much more than before. What seemed tragic and horrible at the time, turned out to be the biggest blessing our family could have ever asked for. 

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