The gift of kids at Christmas

The kids with Santa (at the Movie theaters)

Kids make Christmas 100 times sweeter. The hugs, the thoughtful gifts they make or buy from a school "Santa Store" and all of their excitement for Christmas is indescribable.  The way the kids ooohhh and awwww over Christmas lights.  The presents hiding in my son's closet that he and his sister picked out from the Awana Country store (with their Sparky bucks and Awana dollars). My heart is delighted when my daughter points and smiles every time she spots a Christmas tree.  The way my son appreciatively grabs a cookie from the tin on the table from our neighbors and says "Mom these cookies are really good." The way they enjoy all the little things and the anticipation of moving our Christmas Countdown Calendar closer to "Zero" as the big day approaches. I love seeing their generosity and giving spirit as they shop lovingly for others who are less fortunate.
I love Christmas...but I love it even more with our kids. Thank you Jesus for our family!

Here is a fun "Reindeer Hokey Pokey" Jenna our sweet kindergartner did with her class for a school assembly. 


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