What's For Dinner?

Our family has been sick this week and I am thankful for...

1) Sick days I have available from work. I love my job as a youth leader and the flexibility it offers me on those days where myself or one of the kids wakes up sick.

2) Meals already made in my freezer. I do not feel like cooking and in my pre Homemade Gourmet days I would order dinner out anytime I was sick...or tired...or well whenever. Tonight its easy season and steam fajitas that I can toss in the microwave ( thanks to the handy dandy microwave safe steamer bag).

3) Grocery Home delivery.
Tonights fajitas will be yummy with  the tortillas, cheese and sour cream I had delivered yesterday via Vons home delivery and we are set!  Little effort and dinner is done.

Here is a coupon code if you are interested in grocery home delivery for the weeks everyone including mom is too sick (and you are unbathed and in ugly sweatpants!)

Promo code: share15 (expires 2/5/11)
Gives ya $15 off and free delivery with a minimum $50 order. First time online orders only.

Make sure to read the sizes/ounces carefully when you order. Some items are smaller than they appear.

Have a delicious day.

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